Things That Make Me Go Grrrrrrrrr: Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa gets Mercedes Benz S500 Brabus worth $200,000


Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa gets Mercedes Benz S500 Brabus worth $200,000.

I know i’m going to cop a lot of flack from the ‘touch not my annointed one’ brigade but I honestly couldn’t give a forex because when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, we all know that the truth hurts, chokwadi chinorwadza!!

…….So it’s been reported that the ladies of the UFIC (Zimbabwe) gave their pastor’s wife, Mrs Ruth Makandiwa, a $200,000 Merc as a Mother’s Day gift. Mrs Makandiwa in turn gave a handful of her congregation bags of mealie-meal (corn) for Mother’s Day. If this is true I have one question…..Seriously, who’s fooling who here?

 As much as I applaud the spirit of giving I think we need to question ourselves when we ‘give’ something of this magnitude to someone who’s clearly sitting pretty yet there are hundreds of people out there who are in dire need of their daily bread. We need to question the hubris of pastors who instead of encouraging their congregation to use that money for those in need accept such gifts so that they can line-their pockets and fill their massive garages at home with a car for each of the 7-days of the week. Who’s fooling who??

I would have respected Ruth Makandiwa and the UFIC women if the donation had been made in the guise of a $200,000 university scholarship fund endowed in Ruth Makandiwa’s name for a girl-child (or 2) from their church. Once that precedent had been set, the UFI men would in all probability have done the same for a boy-child on behalf of Makandiwa on Father’s day.

At a bare minimum these UFIC ladies could have bought Ruth Makandiwa a 4-wheel drive and at least pretended that it was for her to carry out outreach work in the rural areas where her kind of assistance appears to be needed. Instead, the typical Zimscapade boganisique mentality  of “putting on a show” so outsiders may think we rock – kuti zvityise – has become the acceptable standard! Kufryer ma onion kuti vepa next-door vafunge kuti tiri kuseva ne nyama.

It’s this very same ‘show-off’  attitude which has seen our Zim police officers driving Mercs as patrol cars whereas developed nations like Australia have their coppers driving utes/divvy vans (pick-ups). If you do the Math one Merc = 10 utes. It is why when you call the police for assistance in Zim the police tell you they do not have any patrol cars on hand because Snr Sgt Chimedzanemburungwe took the car out for a rendezvous with his latest floozy, and ‘if you want us to investigate you better come pick us up’.  Conversley,  it is why when you call for assistance in Australia you have the police knocking on your door-step in 5 minutes flat presumably because no self-respecting bloke would use a police ute to pick up his inamorata…unless it’s a divvy-van…but that’s a story for another day. The point is – if you do the math, one Merc = 3 decent all-terrain vehicles which could have been used to spread the so-called word of this church.  So I ask you again UFIC people… who’s fooling who?

Can someone tell me that if we were to take a poll of the members of this UFIC church we are not going to find a child that’s gone to bed on an empty stomach. Can someone tell me that within that congregation there isn’t a mother who miscarried because she could not afford the medication required to carry a child to term. Can someone tell me that amongst their flock there isn’t a child who will be missing the start of the school term tomorrow because the parents didn’t have the funds. Can somebody please tell me that amidst their brotherhood fellowship there isn’t a father who walks to work every day because he cannot afford the bus-fare?? Can someone kindly tell me…who’s fooling who?

And yet you have a bunch of grown women who sat down and saw it  befitting to give someone a luxury car when there are people within that very same congregation who are barely making ends meet. And yet you have an equally grown woman who sees it fitting to accept the gift of a $200,000 car when members of her own congregation are suffering??

All I can say is that we sure are in a lot of trouble if this is the way we choose to show the conviction and strength of our faith.  It is a sad indictment on us when people stop being humanitarian and instead cede to the doctrine of religion and vulgar displays of what their money can buy yet the pantry next door is empty.

Talk to me UFIC members… who’s fooling who?

On second thought…“Just get me the driver because I too want to ride on this gravy-train that is the UFIC-Express” because going on precedent, I too can fool you!


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II'm Zimbabwean born and bred and proud of it. I'm currently based in Australia so yeah I still call Australiaaaaaa homeee. I'm heavily involved in the social justice movement and cannot stand people who have no empathy and hypocrites. I also love a good discussion/debate. My work can get a bit serious at times so i'm always up for a laugh, silly bets and a challenge…the by product of one those lost bets being this blog. OH, I suck at sport but I play a mean TV hahahaha…I mean I'm staunch Essendon follower (GO THE BOMBERS!!) and I live for the tennis (GO SERENA!!).

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  1. Dear Lady Zim, here is Ruth Makandiwa facebook page. I think your should send her a message or at least get people to sign up to be her friends and then inundate her with comments about her tactlessness in accepting that gift when her country women, children and men go with so little. or you could write directly to UFIC (Zimbabwe) on BTW when you type in Ruth Makandiwa in google your lady zim comment comes up 7th entry on page one of google. Good one Lady Zim.

    • Thanks, Rose! I’ll check it out – though i doubt that i’m saying anything that the woman and her followers haven’t heard before. However, I still have hope in my heart of hearts that this might give some people a different perspective. If it makes just one person think twice then that’s something hey.

  2. Cant get it either. Have people gone blind? Mrs Makandiwa is selfish, if she really is a woman of God, why cant she look around and say to the ladies “Thanks children of God, I am proud you have worked so hard to help the church, I will sell the gift and send kids to school” The last time I checked , kids were going without, to the extent of going to bed with no food yed God’s people are at ease with an idea where they accept a Merc. Whats wrong with a toyota camry? Fungai nyaya ya Razaro nemupfumi.

    • Hear! Hear! The world has surely gone blind, deaf & mute to the needs of others bar their own self-satisfaction so they can pat each other on the back in smug-kingdom.

  3. I dont mean to ridicule but the tone of this reporter sounds like that of judas and the Jesus’s disciples who after that woman annoited His feet with an expensive oil. The disciple cried ouit the same sentiments as this reporter but Jesus said the poor you have them always but you dont have me always, These women know how to tape into a blessing and they are sowing in fertile ground.

    • Dix/Godfrey, You are not ridiculing me. You are simply stating your opinion just as I have. Back to the subject – By equating Makandiwa to Jesus, you have made my point for me. Kufananidza Makandiwa na Jesu? Really? Isn’t this what would be termed ‘blasphemy’ in your circles? This is part of the delusion I’m talking about. As for helping your church leaders – you get more blessings/good karma / positive vibes, whatever your brand of opiate by doing more for those in need than being sycophantic to those who clearly don’t need your help. You don’t give with the hope that you get something in return. You don’t ‘tap’ into any blessings because they are equally bestowed on the good and the bad . When you give with all your heart and from the depths of your being you expect nothing back. Giving with your eye on the main-chance reduces the whole act to a battering quid-pro-quo system where I scratch your back and hope the heavens scratch mine…REMEMBER – “He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts to the rich — both come to poverty.” Proverbs 22:16

    • dix, ur master told you to look after thes less priviledged, the orhpaned and widowed, its not scruptural to say if we donate or buy a benz we are taping into the “annointing”, the most high said he hears those who seek justice, who defend the poor etc. Look at Paul’s example, he was pleading for donations to help other poor / challenged saints not buying worldly things. Remember its easy to be mislead especially when you look at material things which is what UFIC and Spirit Embassy is doing, they are buying cars for fellow members instead of maybe using that money for real life challenges e.g buying widows or orphans food, school fees etc. Also whats with this prophetess makandiwa and prophetess angel? Does it mean a prophet’s wife automatically becomes a prophetess?

  4. First ka,ladyzim ka unonyora chirungu chinonakidza.Excellent!!! Asika I disagree with the message u r sending out portraying this ‘prophet’ as some nordic monster preying mercilessly on a defenceless flock.its business sweety.the guy is selling them dreams of prosperity & eternal comfy life & charging a ‘small’ fee for it..clandestinely.they like it & enjoy it more than bingeing on beer & tapping tipperary whores & certainly more than taking time out 2 think abt the focker their enriching. so everything is cool.they’re happy he’s happy & his flippin wife is even more happy so hakuna matata..noone’s getting hurt darling & it makes me go grrrr with envy.

    • I am humbled by your compliment @ Doe. As they say in certain circles these days, “I receive”- lmao. Anyway, have you seen the demographic that fills the Harare Conference Centre for the service? They are far from the Tipperary crowd. These charlatans are putting a price on admission to heaven and some poor souls are tossing and turning every night trying to figure out how they are going to balance the budget to buy ‘amai’ a car so that St Peters will not turn them away from the Pearly Gates when the time comes… But I still kinda get what you’re saying though. He’s selling. They are buying (even if it’s fools gold). Saka hakuna matata because everyone sympatico…

  5. Just read this & i thot of u coz it made me go grrrr with disgut…but im fine now:-)
    Mzembi sheds tears over portrait. Monday, 21 May 2012 00:10(The Herald) Isdore Guvamombe in VICTORIA FALLS TOURISM and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi on Saturday shed tears soon after being handed a life size portrait of President Mugabe before a packed auditorium at the 37th Africa Travel Association Congress in Victoria Falls. The portrait — of the President portrait in his middle age — inscribed: “Man of the Moment” was a gift to Minister Mzembi from Friends of Joshua Trust at the end of the official opening of ATA congress. “I was overcome by emotion. I did not expect this. It is monumental! At times I fail to explain to the ordinary person how it feels to serve under a first republican President. “This is why I could not hold back my tears,’’ he said in an interview.

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